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Visual and Data Analysis - FIFA 19

Data Science project to analyze and discover insights of the attributes of each player registered in the latest edition of FIFA 19 database. Most of the project was done with Jupyter Notebook, so that the reader can see and understand the code implemented.

PCA Plot

PCA Network

Table of Contents


Detailed attributes for every player registered in the latest edition of FIFA 19 database:

Performed Analysis

  1. Exploration and Profiling
  2. Querying Data
  3. Principal Component Analysis
  4. Clustering Data - KMeans
  5. Analysis of Similarity
  6. Networks and Force System


Technologies and Techniques

Python Libraries

Python Dependencies

  conda install -c conda-forge pandas-profiling

Contributing and Feedback

Any kind of feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated (algorithm design, documentation, improvement ideas, spelling mistakes, etc…). If you want to make a contribution to the course you can do it through a PR.



This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.