Data Compression

Project in which different algorithms and approaches of compression and decompression of data are explored

Project in which we explore different algorithms and compression approaches such as Huffman coding or entropy change. The distribution of the symbols of the compressed files (image, electronic book, etc.) is also analyzed. [Read More]

Text Processing & PageRank

A practical example of the use of PageRank and TF-IDF algorithms

The goal of this project is to use PageRank to derive a ranking of words in a document based on their PageRank scores. The PageRank score of a word serves as an indicator of the importance of the word in the text. Also compare the MRR of the above PageRank... [Read More]

Text Processing of CiteSeer UMD

Calculation of the keywords of a set of documents

Program that preprocesses a collection of documents to calculate the frequency of the most common terms and identify the keywords of each document. The first time (Q2) will do it without using the stemming technique and without removing the stopwords. The second time (Q3) will use these techniques. The Approach... [Read More]

Visual Analytics Final Project

Illustrates the way in which the problem was approached from a perspective of the Visual Analytics field

The research group formed by teachers Angela Maria Rojas and Elvia Esther Vargas, who belong to the Psychology Department of the Universidad de los Andes, wishes to achieve an understanding and use of the data collected during the last 3 years of the Massive Open Online Course “Sexuality … much... [Read More]